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The sign Capricorn itself was more prominent from to , and as this is his 5th house of creativity he was made shadow arts minister and higher education minister. He was popular among students during this period. His arudha lagna AL is placed in Capricorn which reflects how others perceive him. In September , his image was used in pro-Conservative "Boris needs you" and "I Love Boris" material during university freshers' week.

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Boris Johnson's Astrology Timelines. Then, from to , the planet Saturn became more prominent in his chart, as ruler of Capricorn, and he successfully ran for Mayor of London and completed his first term as mayor. Mercury plays a role in this, as a sub-cycle of Mercury began in Of course, Saturn being Saturn, and because it is placed in his 6th house of conflict, he had many disputes and less popularity during this period, despite being mayor of London.

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He was certainly a controversial mayor, as Saturn impacting his reputation AL and work ethics Saturn in 6th house would have challenged norms. Leo is his 12th house of loss, while a Virgo sub-cycle from , would have activated more challenging aspects in his chart. It was in the sub-cycle of Leo, which reflects his hidden motives and need for power. The Sun rules his hidden 12th house and is placed in the prominent 10th house, conjunct the north node.

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He is likened to Donald Trump in some ways and they both have a Sun — North Node Rahu conjunction in their prominent 10th houses. Scorpio's ruler, Mars has been activated since July of this year This volatile and confrontational influence continues until after Brexit, into November.

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Although a challenging planet for him, and full of conflict, Mars is placed with Mercury, and as we have seen anytime Mercury is involved, he tends to win out. And he is in a major cycle of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, until Mercury is why he made it into power in the first place.

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Soon after the proposed Brexit date, he begins a sub-cycle of Sagittarius, where the uncertain south node Ketu is placed, bringing losses. The eclipse in December is placed almost exactly on his natal south eclipse degree, while Jupiter is activated in his 8th house of obstacles and change. Added to that, he is currently in a 'planetary cycle' of the south node itself, until January , which he is experiencing within a longer cycle of Mercury - Once again Mercury shows him coming into power and position; however, the south node's concurrent influence is full of uncertainty.

The south node is seen as headless in Vedic myth, referring to impulsiveness and reactivity, unlike the powers of discrimination possible with Mercury.

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This is like having a Mercury-South Node conjunction in one's chart, and points to a certain level of recklessness. It's all too easy to get lost in the many political manoeuvres around Brexit, so, instead, we could take a longer view and look to the outer planets to see what they are saying about Brexit, and if it will come to pass. There are two major indications that if it is to occur it will most likely occur in The first indication is Uranus stationing direct on January 1, , in sidereal Aries. For May transits each series includes about 10 transits over years, with the path of Mercury across the Sun passing further south than for the previous transit.

Some authors [20] have allocated a series number to transits on the basis of this year grouping. Similarly transits that occur years apart can be grouped into a series. For November transits each series would include about transits over 30, years. For May transits each series would include about transits over 24, years.

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For both the May and November series, the path of Mercury across the Sun passes further north than for the previous transit. Series numbers have not been traditionally allocated on the basis of the year grouping. Sometimes Mercury appears to only graze the Sun during a transit. There are two possible scenarios:.

The possibility that, at mid-transit, Mercury is seen to be fully on the solar disk from some parts of the world, and completely miss the Sun as seen from other parts of the world cannot occur. The first observation of a transit of Mercury was on November 7, by Pierre Gassendi. Johannes Kepler had however predicted the occurrence of transits of Mercury and Venus some time before that. Gassendi unsuccessfully attempted to observe the transit of Venus just one month later, but due to inaccurate astronomical tables, he did not realize that it was not visible from most of Europe.

A transit of Venus was not observed until by Jeremiah Horrocks.

The table below includes all historical transits of Mercury from on:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 10, Astronomy Picture of the Day. Retrieved 25 August Forbes et al. Retrieved Page ".

Page 84". Page 77". HM Nautical Almanac Office. UK Hydrographic Office. November 5, Retrieved May 30, Retrieved June 7, Albedo features Atmosphere Features Magnetic field. Caloris Montes. Sun enters Libra on October 18, , Sun enters Libra in approximate. Moon enters Pisces on October 11, , Moon enters Pisces in approximate.

Current Transits Upcoming Transits Timeline Sun's current transit will last for 30 days 12 hours in Virgo started on 17 September and Ends on 18 October Some general applications of transits on birth chart When Jupiter in his course if transit is in trikona meaning in same sign, in 5th sign from it or in 9th sign from it to the sign and navamsa occupied by the lord of house under consideration, the attainment of the good effects of the house can be expected.

When in the course of transit the lord of the Lagna and the 6th house gets into conjunction, the person will overcome his enemies, if the lord of the 6th house is weaker than the lord of the lagna. If the lord of the 6th house is stronger that the lagna lord then the results are going to be opposite in effect.

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The success of the house under consideration can be predicted when the lord of the lagna gets into conjunction with the lord of that house house in course of their transits - provided that the lord of the house concerned is strong, or else the results can differ. Success of a house can be predicted under following circumstances of transits: When the lord of the lagna in transit is in trikona sign or navamsa occupied by the lord of the house. When the lord of the lagna passes through that house in transit.