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What does all this mean in love? So if your romantic relationship does not experience particular problems and therefore does not live a phase of crisis, then this Saturn can bring greater pessimism, an involution on the level of communication and uncertainties that will arise within you or within your partner in relation to the relationship and the his emotional stability. Under this sky, in short, it could happen to betray or be betrayed, to be unfaithful, jealous, possessive and all this can cause cracks in the couple relationship but only if it already lived a very critical phase since last year.

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So separations, divorces are very likely and even family difficulties. In the family you can fight for economic situations, for inheritance or for other situations that create a climate of strong discomfort and tension and do not offer a serenity that you need.

Libra Yearly Horoscope

Unfortunately, the love life can collapse before your eyes with all the certainties that you had in the past that diminish. As for those who do not have a person to love and hope to make new romantic encounters during these months, we must say that luck is not with you.

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Certainly you might know some very interesting people but the quadrature of Jupiter and Saturn leads to considerable illusions in the love industry. So many of you can start a love story that will then become very complicated to handle, full of quarrels and uncertainties, full of doubts and lack of confidence. Quarrel about anything and if you are going to buy a new home, go and live with the person you love, think well before acting to avoid making serious mistakes. Job - career - money Libra unfortunately we must say that this new year for you is not exceptional because Jupiter and Saturn are in negative astrological aspect and even from June, the planet Mars will be in opposition for many months and until the end of the year.

Luck - fitness Libra the planet of fortune is not with you for almost the whole year. Unfortunately, the quadrature of Jupiter to your sky can be very complex to manage on a physical and mental level. Jupiter usually brings optimism into people's lives but when it forms a quadrature or opposition aspect, its optimism turns into illusion. You have to open your eyes and you do not have to believe in people who make incredible promises but that can not be realized.

Be very careful about the money, the loans because you risk losing money, not seeing returned money that you give to some people. But besides Jupiter, which can bring weight gains and blood circulation and liver problems, Saturn is also quadrature. What does all this mean?

Career & Money:

Physical problems to the bones with possible falls and fractures but also problems to your teeth that maybe are not treated by the right doctor. Saturn causes weight loss and reduces appetite. At a physical level this year and especially the first three months, they will be very heavy and the risk is that they can no longer postpone a surgical operation that becomes indispensable.


Hence there would be happiness and peace around. Your General , Money and Love Forecasts. Prev Next. A fun cycle begins in November that allows you to expand on your communication attributes, and peer-to-peer relations, Libra. You stand to be quite attractive this month and would attract potential partners.

At this time you have to be very careful also for bureaucratic and legal problems and you must be very careful also for any documents to be signed that can hide something. Absolutely the advice is not to travel, not to make small or long trips and to be very careful when driving your car because accidents caused by distraction can be very probable. Mars from June worsens your situation on an energetic level with its squaring that also provokes a lot of nervousness and when Mars and Saturn collide in the sky the wars begin and can be interminable.

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Lotte, very complicated battles to manage that cause a weakening of your health. Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: for you the second part of the year starting from the month of June, is very favorable with regard to a recovery of physical energy but at work and professional level you will have to sweat all year and to get very little.

Libra Horoscope

Get your Libra yearly horoscope and also your yearly Libra astrology from So, make sure that you deal with all such issues wisely and do the needful without. Curious what your horoscope has in store, Libra? Well, it's good news for your social butterfly sign, because kindred spirits could emerge from all corners.

Even love does not involve very much on an erotic level but only in the first six months. Taurus: This year is much less difficult for you even if you have to fight against a pessimism that will always be growing. You must have more confidence in your qualities and in your professional skills even if things do not proceed as you wish. Love that creates very serious quarrels. Gemini: during these months you have to fight against a monotony that can ruin different interpersonal relationships especially in the family and with relatives but also at work.

Physical and mental energy increased sharply during the second part of the year and great ability to fix an economic situation. Cancer: this period for you can be really complicated with Jupiter and Saturn that create obstacles in work but also in love. Money in sharp decline and expenses that increase but above all this period is particularly complicated as regards love with the possibility of a sentimental separation. Leo: the second part of the year can be much more important than the first six months because Mars in excellent astrological aspect allows you to rediscover energy and creativity to develop new ideas and projects but it must be said that as far as love is concerned, difficulties can be insurmountable.

Yearly Horoscope: 12222 Predictions for Libra

Virgo: with this astrological configuration things are getting better and you can develop excellent projects even with some planets that are not favorable. Love life can be very interesting and it will be possible to have a good meeting and maybe start a life together with a person who will warm up the heart.


Libra: the problem at the working level is very serious. The difficulties are clearly increasing and the possibility of not seeing some projects realized is very probable. You must move forward with caution and you must not overdo the words that can offend the person you love. After a seven-year transit across the Aries sky, innovative Uranus officially moves into Taurus on Wednesday, March 6 , activating your eighth house , which represents death, sex, and transformation.

Libra Marriage Horoscope - For Singles and Couples - Ved Shastra

This may sound scary, but don't freak out, Libra love — this is actually a very good thing. You may need to reconcile some experiences from the past in order to make better choices in the future. Enjoy this moment — it only happens once every 84 years. Neptune and Saturn form a rare connection on Thursday, January 31 , Tuesday, June 18 , and Friday, November 8 , creating a meaningful relationship between your daily activities and sense of security.

In fact, a solid structure simply provides a springboard for you to launch into new territory.

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Look out for milestone events on Saturday, January 5 , Tuesday, July 2 , Tuesday, July 16 , and Thursday, December 26 , when solar and lunar eclipses create a dynamic opposition between your domestic values and professional achievement, respectively. Throughout this year, your relationship with the concept of success will be evolving rapidly, so keep an open mind.

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